Wednesday, January 7, 2009

cecee's room

cecee's room is overflowing with handmade love! we went with what started out as a shabby chic sort of look & it's evolved a bit. it's full of hand-me downs & crafts made by family, friends & myself.

i found this cross stich in a drawer at my papaw's house. my friend karen suggested putting it in an embroidery hoop. i added some material to make a ruffle around it. it turned out better than i thought!

her changing table was in my room as a baby. it's an old piece from my great grandparents & we had it refinished. it's a bit cluttered right now, but definately does the job.

the tissue box cover (one of my favorite things in her room!) was my baby dress.
daddio, beano & i painted the pictures above her changing table. can you guess who painted which?
her namaw made rugs for her room, which i just love. you can see her little chair in the corner. cecee loves to sit in it & look through her books.

above her crib (which neither child has ever slept in), are some awesome vintage nursery rhyme plaques my friend karen gave us. i painted the letters for her name

her bookcase is filled with books & "vintage" items that are dear to my heart. there are pictures of all her grandparents as children hanging up, which i love to look at & compare my kiddos to. the girl & gnome prints to the sides of the bookcase are from this etsy seller, mulitple personality. she has a girl with gnome doll i just love!

my friend karen made her this tree picture, which it too cute!

i used some of my grandma's old dresses as a mat for some pictures. her dresses were so worn, you could see through them! i love having pieces of her in the room. there's a picture of her in one frame as a teen, she was a hottie!

here's a rag wreath out of my grandma's old materials (she was quite the seamstress). it looks much better in person; here it just looks like a bunch of rags.
my first sewing attempt were some "creatures" a while back & they are scattered all around the home. here's one that has found his way onto the glider.

latest addition to her room is a set of pictures from a photo session at gray photography. we love him. he is the most talented man. i can't say enough about his pictures. my framing doesn't do the pictures justice. they didn't quite fit in the frames i bought, so i have to figure out a better way to display them.

beano's room is not so full of my craftiness, he still has some wall space. before he was born, we painted pictures for his room. he has a dinosaur / cars motif going on right now. we(i) wasn't too sure about what to name him, so i painted letters to spell out jacob, ben & kaden. as soon as we got home, i made daddio hang up the letters. a bit silly i know.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Her room is awesome! I LOOOVE the embroidery hoop and the fabric you added as a ruffle! So SWEET! Love the bright frames with the awesome pictures in them too! Her room is so cute!

We are having a rough day over here today. I think our phone may be working again...I will call you later!
~Love, Karen

Deb said...

I love how crafty you are and how you include vintage pieces and heirlooms in your work! I need to start doing more of this! You have given me some great ideas!