Sunday, January 11, 2009

boys night out / thunderstruck!

poppy, daddio & beano went for a boys night out last night. don't they look good in their matching shirts? that wasn't planned, great minds think alike. beano has on his shirt from the smokey hills.
the thunder nationals monster trucks were in town!
well, at first beano didn't want to go because he thought there would be monsters. once he understood it was big trucks, he was ready to go!

i thought he would love it. daddio was a bit unsure. on this one, father knows best.

the highlight was the cotton candy.

apparently, he had the best time walking out to the truck & talking about it all!

when they got home, he said he didn't like the cars flipping over. maybe he was a bit too young. but, i think the 3 guys had a good time together. we girls sure enjoyed our quiet night in! we all had a great late night when they got home. the kiddos were up playing till almost midnight!

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The Jarrett Family said...

This looks like so much fun!! I hope they come here sometime in the next year!