Sunday, January 18, 2009

lots 'o fun on saturday, not so much today...

oh my kiddos have caught a bug. i was awakened last night at dee's to cecee throwing up all over me. so much for our sunday plans. beano made it almost the hour ride home before getting sick.
the good news is i think it's a short living bug. cecee's already acting better (after a handful of clothes changes for her & me). here's what she's been doing with the sick bowl (it's clean).

poor beano is still feeling rough. he is having a baad time.

we did have fun on saturday. we went to art & met our cousins there. beano made a water bowl for zaky
& some lovely pieces of art. it is so cool what happens when you use markers & a wet paintbrush.

looks like a watercolor!

we stayed all night at my great aunt & uncle's home. the playing continued there. by the end of the night, grandma deedee's lap was the place to be.
last night, as i was trying to get cecee to sleep, poor darbs ran into to tell me beano tooted in her face. he was running behind, laughing saying "i said sorry!" i'm sorry darbs!

hope everyone else is doing ok!

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