Monday, December 13, 2010

snow day family fun minus momma

i know i have a lot to post that i haven't gotten to yet ... thanksgiving, big ben's big 0-5, his party & so much more.  but last week i was totally out of comission & the stress of all my to-do's is kicking in (thank you notes, christmas cards, visiting a neighbor who recently lost her dear husband, visiting papaw when we are all healthy,  helping out in preschool, helping out a dear friend who i big time owe! etc, etc. ).  the kidney stone removal surgery has caused more pain that i ever imagined & i haven't done diddly.  here's to hoping tomorrow's removal of the stent will improve my recovery!!

well, today daddio took the kiddos out to play in the snow & thank goodness he took some pictures.  oh what fun they had!  i hate that i was laying in bed missing out, but soon i hope that changes & i will be back to normal momma.

happy kiddos!  yea!!  they've been so good this week, i couldn't have asked for better kids.  thank you 2!

oh & here's a picture of ben mocking his momma over this week.  wrong side- kiddo!

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