Monday, December 20, 2010

christmas with the cooks & tassells & hagemeyers!!

oh what fun it is! 

here's a BIG family picture of us all. it's fun to see how much everyone changes each holiday.

here's our bunch. i'm glad we did this at the beginning, because at the end of the night poor gracie was feeling a bit rough (can't get rid of this monster cough).  she didn't want to leave & was crying, hanging on to the bannister begging to stay between coughs.  i think we stayed a bit too long, like daddio said.  sorry cooks!

ben could not wait to get there saturday.  all day, "is it time yet?" 
"no, not yet"
5 minutes later "is it time yet? it will be all over before we even get there!!"

all the youngins together.  i think allie looks just like janet in this!!

looks like almost a perfect snowflake - with a pillow being thrown.  thanks brad :)

of course, funny faces!

gramma dee dee & aubie jo.  & no, the girls don't dress that way normally (at least they say).  they dug through their mom's closet for ugly xmas shirts. 

papaw paul & sweet al.  lovin all the curls on you gals!

sweet sisters.

these 3 look like they could all be brother & sisters!!  ben wishes darby was his older sis too!

the kiddos waiting in anticipation for the gifts.  love gracie's excitment.
take 2

the kiddos loved singing karaoke & it was just fun to visit together & of course play balderdash!! (on an island, dee dee)
a great start for our holiday festivities!

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