Friday, December 31, 2010

christmas time!

ben was able to sleep some christmas eve (thank goodness) & awoke to a nice thank you from santa.  the letter was a bit too long though, they could hardly wait after the third paragraph.  (but he had a lot to say!)

they were super excited to see all that he had left!

gracie squealed at every present she opened, no matter what it was!  she was happy!  she told me one of her favorite gifts was a necklace like momma's, but her's says "jesus loves me."

i tried to get a picture of them together after all the fun, but bubby was too silly.  the best i got.

after all the presents, ben wanted to play a wii game he got for his bday with daddio - go figure. 

we headed up to donna & tom's later in the day for some more family fun.

the kiddos looking out the door at aunt maryann & poppy arriving.

playing daddio's didgeridoo.    that was a hit for all to play!

ben standing in the picture of monica & grant.  (he thinks this is hilarious)

momma & gracie  (with ben standing beside)

we sure had fun at tom & donna's with lots of yummy food & good times.  thanks!

the day after christmas, daddio was awakened with a lovely hug.

santa came to namaw & poppy's too! 

then we went to aunt jane & uncle rocky's for more family fun...

the siblings, of course laughing & having a good ole time!

check out that spread! yumm!

lisa & rocky.  lisa's holding the plate of christmas cookies her family made that i think gracie at most of. 

great job benny, emily & andrew! 

kayla & baby holly in her belly.. any time now!!  we look forward to meeting her!

some of the cousins getting ready for gift time!! it looks to me like they were up to something...

thank you jane & rocky for having us all out, it was a blast!!

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