Friday, December 31, 2010

oh what fun it is to ride...

behind a 4 wheeler!

sledding at namaw & poppy's   momma took a nap to start with, but woke up before all the fun was done.

who is that masked man??

daddio pulling the kiddos

me & my sugar bear.

gracie ready for some action.  big ben went inside for some hot chocolate.
i took some pictures of miss grace behind the 4 wheeler.  a bit hard to shoot & hold on, but being supermom, i managed....

she held on tight the whole time, kept yelling "faster, faster!!"  daddio kept it at a nice speed though.

 chester, the neigbor dog & gracie gal.

loving that hat!!  great job, namaw!

stay tuned for some videos of later in the night...Dance party!!!

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