Friday, December 24, 2010

on christmas eve...

ben woke up super excited!!  worried though that he won't be able to sleep tonight.  "i might be too excited & fart & wake myself up." he said.   oh my.

& miss gracie seeing the snow fall, "oh, it's so beautiful, as beautiful as me!"  oh my again.  edit to my post--- miss gracie you are beautiful as the snow.  god made you, just like those beautiful snowflakes.  you are special & no one is like you.

christmas eve with damaw & papaw was a good time full of gracie dancing her ballet, eating too much food, the guys going for a drive & opening some presents.  the dogs were very, very  ready to open presents!!

we didn't make it to church tonight.  the roads were very slick & some roads were closed on our normal path even.  on our trek there, the crack we got on daddio's windshield from the trip to namaw & poppy's earlier in the week grew & grew.  we decided not to chance it after that & headed home.  gracie said to ben, "i am so sad we don't get to go to church." & she meant it.

but, on our looong journey home, she fell asleep & we thought we had one in for the night. 

oh not so.  as soon as her head hit the bed up she popped, ready to go!
so, the evening has been spent with the gals making cookies & candy.

and the boys playing video games. 

we read the christmas story & another christmas book &  beddy-bye for the kiddos.  now, to wait for santa to come!

merry christmas to all! 

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