Thursday, December 16, 2010

the big 0-5

oh ben, time is flying by!  you are now 5 years & 15 days old! 

your birthday morning you weren't feeling so good..  but a push up & pancakes with a candle made you feel muuch better.

5 cheers for my birthday boy!!

here's some pictures from your parties:
at home...
all the kiddos sitting down for a craft.  i was amazed at how well ages 2- 6 did at playing & having fun together.  no crying or fighting.  yea!  we had a basketball type themed party & it went much better than i could have asked for.  thank you, ben, for having a preschool party in your class & just a few friends & family over.  much easier!!

gracie at bat! 

 good hit there, sweetie!

the kids digging into the goodies of the pinata..

playing score the ball through the net (yes, mommy is cheesy, but you all seemed to enjoy!)

the party at namaw & poppy's...
 you look so old!

miss embry & gracie gal

poppy & your great aunt donna 

all sitting down for a feast of soup & pizza! 

blowing out the candles with a little help (none needed though) 

the marcum bunch with a new little guy on the way!!! beth, you look lovely!

grant & "har"monica.  grant, you have grown up way too fast too!

that's all the pictures i took! 
anyways, happy birthday to my baby boy, a few weeks late.  i love you more than the stars & the sun & you catch the drift!

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