Thursday, December 16, 2010

slip -n- slide

to my mom,
as i ice skated & slid out to justin's truck this morning to be the good wife & start it up for him while he was showering, all i could think was "man, i wish i had put on those silly looking

yak-traxs she had gotten me (mine were in my closet & i didn't want to wake up the kiddos)

& thank goodness for the de-icer every christmas!"

on round 2 into the house, i found one of justin's jumbo yaktrax & did that make a world of difference!  so much more secure walking!  love those things!

& thank goodness school is out!  hopefully lots of crafting going on here & snuggling on the couch with my kiddos & zaky the dog.

p.s.  here's a picture of our bamboo outside

as i type this, i hear lots o cracking outside... sure hope no branches hit a powerline!!

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