Wednesday, April 14, 2010

t-ball & cookies

big ben is loving t-ball!  2 practices down & first game on saturday.  go purple team!  (real original name, huh?) 

he listens to coach sullivan.

sometimes, he'll even take advice from coach daddio.

daddy & i couldn't be more proud of him.  he gives it his all out there & is a great sport, cheering for all his teammates & trying is best (which i must say, is getting pretty good!).  the boys got their shirts & hats at practice (big b is #1).  he looks like a real baller with his hat on!

at the movie church, we were given an "assignment" to give cookies to someone just to show them you care.  i told the kiddos they should to do it too.  ben wanted to make some for his team.  so we did.  i had this brilliant idea the kiddos & i could place red sprinkles on the cookies to look like the ball seams.

 a biit too hard for my guys. 

but they had the best time making it & i think people got the idea what the cookies were supposed to be. 

at practice he couldn't wait to hand them out.  he was so excited to share.  i just love that about him. 

miss gracie wanted to get in on the action too, but all of the purple team had left.  2 boys from the red team were walking to the field & she ran over to them with a cookie in hand.  they just looked at her & walked away.  she followed, holding out the cookie.  they started running.  she started chasing & crying, "take my cookie!"  they wouldn't.  i felt so bad for her but was also cracking up at the same time.  those boys didn't know what to think of this girl!   i ended up being the recipient of the cookie given with much 2 year old love.  & then everything was all right.

had to add a picture of ben's biggest fan.  in his shorts (worn as a dress) & in his purple team baseball hat.

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Aunt Juicebox said...

Those cookies look great! I could totally tell they were baseballs and they made them with their own hands, which makes them even more awesome. And such sweet faces!