Monday, April 5, 2010

easter at the movie church, poppy's birthday & family easter part deux

in their sunday best.  ben had to wear a tie.  it was a tie i bought at a second hand store with fish all over it.  but he had to wear it. 

momma & sis in our black & white.

sunday, we went to the "movie church" to celebrate christ's ressurection.  i just love the church we are attending.  they have a sign outside that says "no perfect people allowed."  the perfect place for me & my family.  the music rocks & every sunday i find myself in tears after hearing pastor trey's message.  this is the first church i have ever felt like i fit in.  i can't find the words to describe it, but it's great.   discovery church gets me excited about god and sharing his love!

the kiddos outside our church.

mr. joe cool there.

after church, we headed to namaw & poppy's for some more easter celebration.

namaw made some awesome food, as always.  we missed you, auntie jen & mike!

we also celebrated poppy's birthday!  happy birthday to the best poppy in the world, we love ya!

what a lovely couple!

our family easter picture. 

who is that masked bunny??

once the food had settled, time for the easter egg hunt.   it is always an intense competition for the eggs there!

gracie was on a mission!

get the eggs!

with the chocolate!
mission completed.

 ben with some of his haul. 

all that hunting wore out poor grace. 

my sweet guy picked flowers for the ladies there.  just because.

made my day.

and namaw's.

& harmonica's.

later on, we went down to the creek for some good ole fun skipping rocks & playing around. 

gracie found a worm.  she was so proud.  she was trying to show how long it was & broke it in half.  oops.

ben launching a rock. he's mighty fine at skipping rocks & splashing us all!

happy gal.

happy guy.

happy us. check out gracie's smile.  goofball.

happy easter to all!  jesus loves you!

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