Thursday, April 1, 2010

peace be with you

on the computer late one night, i came across a quote which "got me".  i had to put it up on our wall to remember. 

i love the handmade art, so the kiddos & i went to work painting a canvas.  they mixed some lovely shades of green, silver and white together & i added a faint peace sign to it after all their work was done.

next came the words.  i wish i had asked to borrow cousin's cricut, but instead decided to go at it with a marker & my hand.  i was trying to go for the pharmacy font, but didn't turn out so well free hand.  my words letters are quite imperfect, but hey so are we.  someday, we may have a repaint & a redo with the cricut, but we'll see. 

the back was decorated by my favorite artists, benj & grace. 
they worked quite hard on writing their names & tracing body parts. 

i love the back as much as the front!



Anonymous said...

Honestly Sara, I love it. No need to think any further for Christmas gifts in my opinion.

love and hugs to you all!

missdreampainter said...

oh it is just perfect the way it is, i love how your font turned out, the cricut would make it look too polished and i think it looks better as a one of a kind, and the back is so awesome.