Sunday, April 4, 2010

my mamaw's birthday, egg decorating & family easter part 1

easter time is such a special time.  we've been reading bible stories & some activities for the kiddos to help them understand about the ressurection & for us to learn more along the way too.  right now the main thing they understand is that we are celebrating jesus' love for us and others.  they understand that we should share the excitement about jesus' love with everyone.  & i think that is pretty great. 

friday evening, we went out to papaw's for some egg coloring.  we have kinda made this a tradition to go out to his house for coloring.  he loves watching the kiddos.  i & love the memories we are making for the kiddos when we are there.

we did it outside & either him or daddy stood behind them the entire time to make sure they didn't fall. 

what a pretty egg  & a messy gal!

big bubby sharing his egg with sis.

which color to put it in?  decisions, decsions.

what an egg!

the finished product

& the messy hands!

the third was my mamaw's birthday. oh, how i miss her so. we celebrated easter (& her birthday, even though nobody wanted to mention it) a day early at papaw's today so a lot of us could be theresaturday, we went out to pap's again (a bit late due to a dog fight outside.  thanks, rotten dog zak!).  damaw, aunt peg, josh & sara, izzy & kern were already there!  kristen, sam, luke, nathan, heidi, aron, angie & kiddos, ritchie & paula - we really missed you all!   

the boys palyed ball, just like when i was a kid.

the girls played guns.umm, ok.

we ate some good down home food & then the kids were ready for a hunt. 

the hunt is on!

found one!

lots of eggs in every basket and bucket!
big brother helping his little sis out. 

the crew & their finds!

checking out the goodies inside.

hoping for chocolate, i bet.

in the morning, i'm looking forward to celebrating easter at our new church & then heading to namaw& poppy's for family easter part 2. 

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