Monday, April 19, 2010

game day

saturday was the first t-ball game for the purple team!  & what a game it was!  warning -there are tons of pictures on this post.  thank you dave for the pictures- your shots make me want to learn how to use my camera!
big ben practicing his baseball card pose at home.

getting ready for his first at bat.  he was the first batter of the game & he hit it! way to go, buddy!

the fans were all out to see the future major leaguers in action.  damaw and davenkate (as ben calls them) were also there to cheer him on.

the next inning, big b was last to bat.
   he scored a home run! (the last batter always hits a homer).   he was in a hurry to make it to home plate & passed up one of his teammates.  (i think that is ben hopping on home plate)

check out that fielding! 

& that form - perfection!  i love how everyone else on the field is so uninterested in what is going on!  cracks me up.

another great catch by big ben.

checking out the fans.

the purple team and red team were both winners of the game.  i love that it's all about having fun right now.  & what fun it was!  this momma had a great time watching those kiddos out there having a ball & learning some basics.  i loved the kid that batted, fielded his own ball & then walked to first base.  too cute!

1,2,3 go purple!!!

check out their sponser!  ha!
gracie & her buddy kate.

on the way home, enjoying the treats of a true major leaguer.  (oh, how i loved that big league chew as a kid.  at my cousins' little league games we would pretend we were like papaw with a big ole chew in our mouths & spit.  ah, memories.)


HootieMama said...

Yay for Ben and the Purple Team! There's nothing better than sitting at the ballpark and taking in all the excitement and hilarity of Little League baseball! Ben's just getting started. You have years of fun ahead of you!

The Jarrett Family said...

Way to go Ben!! He definitely has the form of a great thrower/pitcher!!