Sunday, February 21, 2010

happy birthday daddio!

with our household being sick, our weekend plans changed.  but, i think daddio's had a pretty good day. 
lots of mario kart & hugs & kisses & birthday wishes from the kiddos & me. 

miss gracie made the lasagna with a little help from me (all i did was brown the sausage & sautee garlic, carrots & onions).  she was so proud, wanting to do every step by herself.  

she pressed those noodles down extra hard so they wouldn't move.  please disregard unshowered, sick me & all the medicine and junk in the background. 

she picked out her "i love daddy" shirt to wear in honor of his birthday.  i don't know why she has that look on her face.  hard telling with my miss moody.

we were able to tear ben away from mario kart to help make a cake.  he is going to have some withdrawls from this game once he is healthy again! 

this evening, ben put on his party shirt (a pink floyd one) & got to decorating for the "party" which consisted of a quick song, some cake & presents.  daddio got a new guitar tuner (his old one has been mia for quite a while), a pirate treasure kit, a set of pup & pop phonics books (stuff from the gift closet) and several pictures colored by the kiddos.  ben thought it might be the best birthday ever!  

the kiddos have stopped coughing 24/7 (thank god).   ben no longer has that sick look under his eyes.  we all still have a ways to go before we are back to normal.

making a wish!

i think it came true, a sweet hug from the kiddos. 

happy birthday, honey.  i love you so much more than you know.  you're my best friend, my soul mate, what keeps me together.  thank you.  i love you. 

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