Thursday, February 18, 2010

some failed fun foods

i love all the cute food ideas in the family fun & parents magazines.  cute sandwiches in the shapes of butterflies, creative ways to eat the veggies.  how fun to eat i think!

so, i thought i'd try some out for my sweet kiddos..

first fun food attempt was the squid dogs from the famliy fun magazine.  oh what fun this will be for them to eat!" i thought as i broke countless numbers of spaghetti noodles trying to stick them into the dogs. 

look at how much fun those kids were having!

mine, not so much.

  "that's gross," said ben.  at least gracie gave it a try.

my next attempt at something special was valentine's morning. 

i added a lovely heart to their oatmeal & blueberries.  "i don't wike it," gracie informed me. 

"take it off!" ben begged.  check out that look on his face.

i think i'll just stick to cutting fun shapes out of their quesadillas for now.  that's always a hit.


HootieMama said...

That gave me a good laugh this morning! Props for trying!! You're a great mom!

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Haha! I've often thought those foods in the magazine look fun to eat too...yay for you for trying!

Blessings, Grace