Friday, February 12, 2010

their daddio's nose..

we had some super nurses when our kiddos were born.  one, when beano was born was extra cool with  a very dry sense of humor. she answered all of our questions, no matter how ridiculous they probably were.

ben's head was so misshapen from his position while i was carrying him & the delivery.  she assured us this would return to normal soon.  justin asked if his nose was swollen from the delivery too & if that would change to a normal size.  she looked at ben then looked at justin's face, kinda smiled & said something like  "no, that's it."  
oh my. 
i about peed my pants.  we decided beano had daddio's nose.

honestly, both of their noses are just perfect & beautiful. 

but the poor kids do have their momma's ears.

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