Wednesday, February 3, 2010

doggone crazy

yesterday & today, we had the fun of not only having our zakky dog stay with us, but damaw's doggies, reggie & sophie.  & oh what fun it was! 
gracie & i went to pick them up yesterday & zak and reggie got into a fight.  pretty typical.  reggie's now old, grouchy & wants to be left alone.  zak enjoys picking on him i think at opportune times.  bad dog!
we managed the hour drive with zak on his leash in the front seat with me & sophie with her "babies" and reggie in the back, with sophie crying the entire ride. 
ok, sophie.  she's a mess. poor girl.  hormones.   i feel so sorry for her because she is the sweetest dog in the world.  but, every couple of months she goes through a phase where she thinks she had puppies & must tend to them at all times.  the other dogs aren't allowed near her, or she will really try to bite their heads off. (don't worry though, all these doggies are great with our kids, thank god!)
well, right now her "babies" are:

the squeaky cheesburger toy,

a teddy bear blanket

& the pair of gracie's soft fluffy pretty pink socks that were taken off at damaw's . 

when we got everyone & thing to our home, all was ok as long as the doggies left poor sophie alone (who was hiding under gracie's bed with her "babies."  the 2 male dogs were following me around mainly, hoping i had food.
bedtime was quite an event.  reggie  has been known to attack men if they get up at night.  so, we planned to have the kiddos sleep with me & the 2 male dogs in 1 room with the door closed to avoid in morning drama between justin & reggie. 
the plan didn't go quite as expected.  once i got the kiddos to sleep, i had to tend to poor sophie.  she was shaking & crying, a total mess.  i understood her though.  so, i covered her & the "babies" up & pet & held her until she calmed down.  then zak would come in the room & so she'd try to attack him.  it was like this for hours last night.  i gave her some homeopathic stuff to calm her down.  it seemed to help a bit.  enough so that she could be on 1 side of the bed, zak on the bed & reggie on the other side of the bed on the floor the rest of the night.  when morning came & one of the dogs went to leave the room, sophie was on guard.  situation was diffused & all was ok.  we decided to take the 2 dogs back to damaw's where they are happiest.

this morning, i'd thought i'd take some pictures of our lovely mutts.

sophie, the biggest yorkie-poo i've ever seen.  the breeders lied!

when i pointed the camera at reggie, he turned around & gave me this.  what a terd

& our beloved zak with gracie.

at damaw's sophie was much happier to be in her nest.   

reggie would even pose for me. 
sooo glad damaw's home!!! ben did ask if sophie could stay all night again for a slumber party as long as she wasn't mean to the other doggies.

of course, i have to have a picture of mr. ben in my post.  he had a haircut this week. 

here it is in all it's morning bed head beautifulness!

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