Thursday, February 18, 2010

get your face on party!

blogsurfing around last night i found miss beth who bravely showed her before & after pictures of getting her face on along with some  tips.  (& yes she is beautiful au natural).  she challenged other bloggers to do the same.  even though my normal routine is brushing my teeth, straight ironing my hair & puting on some homemade deoderant (mine doesn't have the vitamin e but has coconut oil), i thought today would be fun to get all "made up". 

so, here ya go.

this morning, miss gracie & i headed to the bathroom (ben was playing his morning dose of mariokart wii).  hello bedheads!

first thing, brushed our teeth.  i've been adding a few drops of the wild oregano oil p73 to my toothpaste. this stuff is supposed to be a natural wonderdrug (i had no clue how expensive it was!  i purchased it a year ago when a health food store went out of business).    i've also been trying to place a couple of drops under my tounge to try & fight off the cold that has infected our home.  still got it though.  ben's toothpaste is on the wall behind gracie in his very own touch-n-brush.  one of his favorite christmas presents!  kooky kid.

we washed our faces & went to work.  miss grace put some revolution skin care lotion on her sweet face (normally, she doesn't do this, but wanted to put on "makeup" too) & i put on my momma stuff.  i loove philosophy products.  i use on a clear day with retinol lotion & hope in a tube around my eyes. 

on to the makeup..

my makeup bag is full of stuff, but i only use a handful of the things. no tricks of the trade here. 

 i do love my philosophy supernatural mineral makeup & the fact that it has a sponge applicator. 

i've also been loving my eye bright pencil from benefit.  helps hide my lack of sleep a bit i think. 

some straightening iron help &

a bit of texturizing cream for my mop & the hair is done.   i hate my haircut.  normally, i love the job my hairdresser does.  but, last time no way.  it's pretty messed up.  (i think he was punishing me for bringing my well behaved kiddos with me to the regis salon).  over the weekend i colored it to a darker shade. i used clariol perfect 10 (only 10 minutes, can't beat that!) in lightest cool brown.  damaw (my very blond & beautiful momma) suggested sunday i add some highlights or sumthin. i think maybe i'll return to a blondie in the spring.

now for my little one's rats nest, i love oyin handmade's juices & berries. unlike other detanglers we've tried, this one will keep her cute little curls. 

& here are the finished results:

a bit blurry, but oh so lovely.

  gorgeous, right? um, yeah. but we had fun!


Beansieleigh said...

Hi! I am mustering up my courage, while hoping my NEW camera will cooperate so I can post TOO!!.. but I think this is by FAR AND AWAY the CUTEST "Get Your Face On" post I've seen! Applause! Applause!! LOVE the Mommy-Daugher quality time and presentation!!! You both look absolutely GORGEOUS, and it is very nice to meet you today! ~tina

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Aw, so cute! I'm glad you made it a Mommy/kiddo event :). I would love to try philosophy products once the finances are back up. You're the 2nd or 3rd party-joiner to mention the eye bright pencil. I'm thinking I need one! Thanks so much for linking up!

The Jarrett Family said...

What beautiful ladies!!

Ajaire said...

I love your before picture. It's how I feel most days I don't have a child so I don't even have an excuse! hahaha

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...


Kristi @ Creative Kristi said...

That is so cute that you made it a mommy & daughter post! Love it! Thanks for sharing! :) I linked up too and am visiting everyone to cheer them on! :)

erin said...

So beautiful! Looks like your daughter had fun doing this with you!
I know all about the bed head in the mornings.

Deb said...

You two are beautiful! Both before and after!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun! Too cute :)

Stephanie said...

You are beautiful and I love philosophy products!! Will definitely have to try that eye pencil!

Carol said...

Great post! I love your pictures! You look great!