Thursday, December 17, 2009

visiting santa & our advent calenders

the kiddos have been super excited to see the big red guy. we normally go to washington square mall to see him, but he is no longer there. :( so, we went to the eastland mall & paid $20 for 2 crappy pictures & a visit with a rude santa and elves. seriously, we got there & it wasn't crowded but they were only focused on getting a picture. he was putting them off his lap, when i told the kiddos to tell him what they wanted. "a racetrack" for ben. " " nothing from gracie. she was not thrilled to be there. then santa said see ya next year & got them off his legs. ben gave him an ornament he made especially for him, which i think softened his heart a bit (he then gave them candy canes). the kiddos didn't notice anything wrong with the visit, but i was very let down. boo to the mall santa!

we got advent calenders for the season. 1 for each kiddo. sunday ben got them down & i went to the basement to get the laundry. when i came back, this was what was left.

there was no spot left to open in gracies. mr. ben did save a few days. we have gracie believing her stomach was hurting that night from too much chocolate. maybe this will stop my little chocoholic.


HootieMama said...

Hey! I could get onto your blog today! I have missed seeing the adventures of Ben & Gracie! I think maybe, judging from her expression, that Gracie was onto this Santa!!! Did he smell like 'beef and cheese'? (I hope you've seen "Elf" or that won't be funny at all!)

This is our first year with Santa visting the house. :-( I am a little sad about this new chapter in our family life. It may help to ease my sadness when I get to sleep in a little longer on Christmas morning!! I told the kids that we still need to leave Santa his midnight snack!

Merry Christmas!!!

HootieMama said...

I meant to say WITHOUT Santa visiting the house. (My fingers are frozen at the moment!)