Tuesday, December 1, 2009

happy birthday, my big boy!

my dearest beano,

oh big ben, i don't know what to say.. you are four!! & you went down the big big slide at preschool today! woohoo!! way to go buddy!

from the very beginning, you have filled our lives with so much laughter, love & fun. every memory i have with you i cherish.

the first time i changed your diaper right before we left the hospital (daddio did it the entire time we were there). you peed all over the place, spit up & pooped all in a matter of seconds. we were both crying. i was pretty sure at that point i couldn't hack it. but, so far we're making it. thank god for helping us through it all!

that first night home when i stayed up the entire night by your side just to make sure you were still breathing. & the next night when your daddy & i took shifts so someone would have their eye on you. i soon fired daddy from this, as he fell asleep & started consoling my leg (thinking it was you) when you started to cry.

i got very little sleep.

oh my goodness, i worried over every little thing about you when you were a baby.

your jaundice that seemed to last forever.
you were such a cute little glow worm. we were so excited when you were off the blanket for new years eve!

your big, funny shaped head (i covered that cone head up with a hat, you're welcome:))

i still do worry about you (a momma always will), but i'm trying to let go a bit & let you fly more on your own.

daddio & i are so proud to be your momma & daddy and help you to grow. you are such a smart cookie. you come up with stuff in your head that just amazes me. your sense of humor is hilarious, just like your momma's. you have such a tender, loving heart. you are such a great big brother. you have always helped take care of her, look out for her & are great at teaching her new things. sissy bella loves you so much too.

i love you, my little- i mean big dragon breath boy!



Deb said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!

The Jarrett Family said...

Happy 4th Birthday Ben! May you always know how loved you are and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family!