Saturday, December 5, 2009


this morning, ben closed his door & dressed himself in his chosen attire. he came out of his room, beaming & told me he had "fashion". i asked him if i had it & he quickly replied "no". something i've always known. thank goodness i've had fashionable friends & family growing up to help. autumne, every day when my shoes somewhat match my clothes i thank you (you taught me that in highschool, i know you don't remember that important moment but i do).

well, anyways, i wanted to get a picture of him & his "fashion". (he picked out a shirt i made for him. with a big peace sign on it. he put on his favorite khaki track pants with a stripe on the side)

here's what i got when i asked them both to smile:

i am so looking forward to getting a christmas card picture of them both.

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missdreampainter said...

now days I am just lucky if I can locate two matching shoes, fashion or not the peace shirt is the cutest, just remind him that at least you have enough style to make a pretty awesome shirt, all the stuff you make is so cute!!!