Saturday, December 5, 2009

our candy cane cottages

we found the cutest little gingerbread house kits at the factory card outlet for under $2. daddio got home at a somewhat decent time tonight, so tonight was construction night. these ended up being so much easier & fun for the kiddos than the large one we built last year.

gracie was really concentrating. you can tell because her tounge is stuck out.

daddio & ben were also taking the job pretty serious.

even though they are smiling in the picture, they were oh so determined to build a better home than gracie & me. not a chance.

the icing was oh so yummy & oh so sticky.

gracie putting the finishing touches on our masterpiece.

perfect! she added the windows on the roof for skylights.

the men were still building.

their finished home & happy faces. love em.

gracie had some of the decorations stuck to her. check out the gingerbread home on the table. they didn't last long till the roofs caved in & bites were taken out of them.

the week has taken a toll on the kiddos. they were both overtired tonight. once we made it to ben's bed, they both zonked out. a fun weekend ahead of a christmas dinner with papaw saturday night & a pinata party (that's what he's titled it) for ben's birthday on sunday!

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