Sunday, December 13, 2009

ben's angels

there are 3 extra special "grills" (girls in benglish) in ben & gracie's lives. ben calls them his "grillfriends," never mind the fact they are related to him. ash, aub & al are his cousins (3rd or 4th, i'm not technically sure). these girls are so special to all of us. they are our go to gals when in need of a babysitter, a shopping buddy, or some teenage wisdom.

i remember their mom being pregnant with each one of them & anxiously awaiting their arrivals. there were all like my little sisters & i am so thankful i got to help in their care growing up.

we were in florida when ash was born & i wanted to leave vacation just to see my baby! lori was so awesome about letting me hold her & "help" take care of ash. ash was always a laid back little girl. she'd sit & let me fix her hair oh so pretty & play with me for hours on end. i think she might of thought i was cool too (but not as cool as she was). now she's on her way to being a kick butt nurse with a beautiful singing voice! she's so caring & will serve so well.

miss aub had nothing to do with me as a child.. screaming for 2 hours straight while i babysat her during bible school. she had her favorite people & i wasn't one of the chosen few. thank goodness she outgrew that & now loves me. she's one of the sweetest young ladies i know. she is a black belt, so don't mess with her!

& miss allie, oh miss allie. such a gentle spirit who keeps us all in line. if you need to know anyone's schedule, go to her. she's on top of it all! she is a talented dancer who cracks up every time i try to bust out some of my roger rabbit moves or some that don't even have names yet. hopefully she can help out my kiddos in that department so they don't make fools of themselves.

these girls are almost all grown up & are now taking care of my kiddos & what a fine job they do (so much better than i ever did)! i couldn't ask for better babysitters, the kiddos have a blast the entire time.

i am so proud of these girls. they are each wonderful in their own way & have many talents to share with the world. they have such a love for christ, and share that with all. i am so thankful for my kiddos to have their "grills" to look up to & help teach them right from wrong. thanks girls! i'm keeping this post short & sweet because i can't express my love & admiration for you.

you girls rock!!

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