Tuesday, December 8, 2009

christmas card pictures & a video from santa

i asked the kiddos to smile for me tonight. we got a few good pictures in front of the tree. i picked the one above for our christmas card.

they had a great time just clowning around for me.

ta da!!

my handsome 4 year old.

now, for the super silly pictures!!

i am so glad to have this off my list. now, to pick them up at walmart tomorrow & send em out!

& here's a fun website that sends an online video to your kiddo from santa.
i wish i would have recorded their reactions.
ben was in total amazement that santa knew his name, had a picture of him in his nice book, knew he had been good to his sister & knew what he wanted for christmas. i think it might even help him to be good these next few weeks!

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