Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ben's pinata party

sunday was beano's 4th birthday pinata party with some of his little friends and family.

gracie & he got to decorate the cake. daddio determined the theme was a junkyard.

the kiddos enjoying their cake & ice cream.

aunt deedee got benj the cracker barrel version of a zhu zhu pet, which gracie has claimed for her own.

those little boogers are a pain to get out of hair!

the highlight of the party was of course, the t-rex pinata.

the birthday boy at bat. swing batter batter!

ethan knocked the first piece of candy out.

when the dinosaur hit the ground, the kiddos went to town tearing it apart. ben even provided some growling sound effects during the fun.

we all had such a great time with loved ones that day & enjoyed watching all the kiddos play together.
at bedtime that night, i asked ben was his favorite part of the day was. he said it was playing with alaina's daddy pillow fight. i think he took a beating from the kids!

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