Monday, February 23, 2009

stomp rockets rock!!!!

for christmas, we got all the boys on my husband's side stomp rockets. i had a few extra in my gift corner, so daddio received one for his birthday. we all had a blast launching the rockets into the air. i love this toy. it was a second to put it together & then fun right away. it's very tough & looks like it will hold up to our abuse.
ben thinking about his plan of attack....

yes, i launched it super high!!!!

gracie's delicate launch of the rocket.

it was so cold out, we took the rocket inside. ben figured out (with a little help from daddio) how to score into the basket with the rocket. he's learning about science & physics and having a great time at it. yea! we got ours from kid surplus & has been worth every penny.

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