Monday, February 2, 2009

snow what fun!

we finally have our power back! almost a week without power is a looong time. thank goodness we had damaw's home to stay at. thank goodness all we had was just some spoiled food & a few branches down from the ice. some neighbors had entire trees down & some still don't have power.

we had a good time staying with damaw. the kiddos thought it was a vacation. the doggies, not so much. about every day we played in the snow, watched cartoons, colored, chased the dogs around the house, built with magnatiles, knocked them down, and built them back up again.

we sure had fun playing in the snow.
ben made his first snow angel. he loved rolling around in the snow.

damaw, ben & gracie made quite a snowman. it has a gatorade bottle for a nose, just like in ben's dream!

after the snowtime, we always had some yummy hot chocolate & hot tea.

damaw introduced me to adding non dairy creamer to the tea & it is scrumptious!!

i had to put this picture of gracie in here wearing her camo. we were in pike county too long! :) at least she has in a hairbow.

on a side note, my papaw went to a new doctor today & they are starting chemo tomorrow on his cancer. this doctor says it is a very aggressive cancer, much different from the first doctor that has put any treatment off for 2 months. i'm a bit frustrated, but know the docs are human too & may make mistakes.


Kdenton said...

It looks like they had fun playing in the snow! I'm glad Ben saw his dream fulfilled with the Gatorade bottle nose. That's too funny.
Love you!

The Jarrett Family said...

That is A LOT of snow!! I hope things are getting back to normal now. I'll be thinking of you...and your Grandpa. Hang in there.