Sunday, February 8, 2009

daddio's home!!

hip horray, daddio made it safely home from japan! it has been a looong 3 weeks of illness, bad weather & missing him. i'm glad his trip was shortened. the kids had been marking down the days on the calender. ben would tell people "daddy will be home when we get to the star day." (we had that day marked with a star)
we made daddio some signs for his arrival & we soooo excited to go to the airport. you can see the anticipation in their eyes!

gracie's reaction to seeing daddy was priceless; she squealed "dada!" and ran up to him. ben, on the other hand got embarrassed. he hid. i don't know why he acted that way. by the time we made it to the truck, he was daddio's boy once again. he has hardly left his side since friday (except for our date saturday night, thanks karen & kevin!).

we went grocery shopping on the day daddio got home. a cart with 2 drivers seats just isn't enough for my 2 kids!

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Anonymous said...

I missed this post before. Great photos. They look so excited-especially Gracie! I love that you made signs and had a count down calendar. You are great at making things extra special & fun.