Sunday, February 22, 2009

gracie's baptism

we had gracie baptized today. we've been meaning to do it for almost 2 years (yikes) now. everything went well, until she decided she wanted to nurse up in front of the church & kept putting her hand down my shirt saying "me me me!". i am having a hard time with weaning her...

for ben's baptism, i made sure to have lots of pictures with his godparents & of the day. today, this didn't quite happen. but i have great memories of how cute they both were, sitting quietly for once at church, coloring & hugging one another during the service. during the baptism, there were moments that were very touching (other than the hand in my shirt). gracie looked around at all the people, smiling & didn't fuss a bit about the water on her head. i am so thankful for our family traveling to be a part of her special day.

here she is with her wet head & the grandmas.

there was a nice carry in lunch after the church service. it was great to visit with everyone. this is my favorite picture from the day. they love to hug on each other.

here are the kids enjoying the meal. ben was a bit upset that there wasn't pizza.

it's late & i'm tired, but feel very blessed for such a wonderful day.

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Megan Perrer said...

What a coincidence! Daniel was baptized yesterday, too. Hope everything is going great with y'all. I love see Gracie and Ben and keeping up with you on the blog.