Sunday, February 22, 2009

playing in the snow & birthday pizza

it snowed today. not much. but ben really wanted to play in it. chase & snowballs were the games of choice.
ben cracked me up trying to make a snow angel. he's pretty much just laying on the grass & leaves.

we are all getting over some illness again in our home. daddio had it the worst, but today i felt rough. so, poor daddio didn't even get his birthday cake. but we made a birthday pizza together. it was delicious!
gracie blew out the candle first, which ben thought was the end of the world.
we had to relight so big brother had a chance for a wish.
can you see ben's shirt? i cut out from an old tie a peace sign & ironed it on, then stitched around it. i think it's pretty cool. but, that's just me.