Wednesday, May 25, 2011

who's your cabinet?? (hoosier cabinet from my mom) - yes i am spoiled

we recently discovered a store in petersburg called "the underground," a curiosity shop with antiques, knick-knacks, you name it!  & priced sooo beyond reasonable!!  it will be replacing my favorite looking around shop in evansville that is closing lost & found this weekend.  go there for some great deals if you are in evansville!!

well, yesterday the kiddos & i went up to petersburg to give pap his bath & check on poor reggie dog (his kidneys are starting to fail).  mom asked me to make sure i returned the buffy dvds' to the underground for her that i had purchased (as a cheap pick me up for her to relax, but she already had them) (i said, that store has it all!). 

after pap's bath, we stopped at the courthouse to visit damaw & all at work.  she asked me if i returned the dvds yet or not.  umm, no.. so, we headed to the store.  of course, i went straight to the hoosier cabinet that i just thought was beautiful & couldn't believe it was still in there! there was no longer a price tag on it & my heart dropped a bit, but really, where would we put it & such.  i still did open the doors & look what was inside!!  mom said she was in such a rush, she forgot my last name!

my momma made me tear up & totally surprised me (& i am not one to be surprised).  i just love it.  mom, you didn't have to do that, but i thank you so.  i love you & all that you do for everyone.  you are such a rock for me, even though at times i know you don't feel so.  thank you for being my mom.

here's the cabinet!
 i think i might sew up some curtains similar to our tablecloth from some of my grandma's old material..

now the biggest dilemma - where on earth to put it? 

here's in our kitchen / dining room area: 

i didn't clean up our clutter for these pictures, but here are some options we have on where to go..
where gracie's play kitchen was (i will need to move the artwork hangers behind).  we could put some of her play food in there & other toy junk.  & anyone want a play kitchen??

also in our kitchen / dining room area:where our little black table & notes & filing cabinet & junk & clutter are...

or a different room -
in our rug room/play room (really, the playroom is our entire home)  where our pirate ship is that ben got for christmas (this was from santa, but i got in a deal where it was free, so i don't feel so bad about parting with it).  in this room, we have my grandparent's old piano in 1 corner, a basketball goal in another, kiddo trampoline in another, a little yardsale pinball machine that still gets played with & pop up ball pit in the last.  i thought we could use it as toy storage in there.  
where should it go?  oh, where should it go??

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missdreampainter said...

such a great piece and great gift!!! I'm sure you will find the perfect place for it. I will have to check out that little shop when I'm down next.