Sunday, May 22, 2011

guess what.. another tball game!!

saturday was another fun filled game of tball for ben.  thank goodness i brought some (lots) of activities for gracie.  & there was a little girl to play with, in addition to cooper! 

'rastlin for the ball...

good fielding, big ben!!

a thumbs up from daddio

paying lots of attention to the game... but isn't he just dern cute??
benj & buddy r checking up on coop. ben loves that litttle guy!  oh what he would give for a little brother!!

gracie flirting already around with the boys in the dugout.

the boys are getting better, game by game.  this game was kinda early in the morning for us all, so the kiddos were a bit tired (some even just walked of the field, out of the dugout & cried, they were so worn out.  poor boys). 

the season goes on through july, but i'm sure it will fly by & ben may be the next don mattingly or scott rolen from our area.  if not, that's just fine.  he can be whatever he wants & we will be proud.

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