Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pomp & circumstance & PARTY!!

oh, my goddaughter is now a high school graduate.  how proud i am of you, aub.  your maturity & spirit at this age are so to be admired.  i have no good advice for you, your family has done such an awesome job raising all you gals (i'm glad to be a part of it).  keep God as your first priority & He has your plan for you.  i love you.

the graduating class (ok, i was a bit annoyed you couldn't throw your hats in the air or even turn your tassels, but that's just me).

the proud sistas & momma & daddy

& then the party!!

all of the big kids were so cool there too & played so kind with ben & gracie.

this is gracie's new friend.  she was enamored by her.   i need to get her name.

i won't say why, but if you look, ben has had about 4 shorts changes.  i don't think he has laughed that hard in a long time.  & the big kids were so cool about it all.  what a great group of friends you have aub!

a future football star here!
a cute to boot! 

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