Monday, May 23, 2011

daddio, daddio how does your garden grow?

um, for our first year at home, maybe not so good.  this was the first year for no big big garden at all at pap's.  honestly, it's kinda sad, but we/he can't manage it.  but we are blessed with some friends that do have some awesome gardens every year that i'm sure will share goodies. 

so, daddio decided to use some pots & buckets & go to town with the kiddos on a itty bitty garden.

what did he get? mainly peppers (his favorite).  he's a bit disappointed in how they are looking at the moment.

there's 1 strawberry plant with 1 itty strawberry in there too.

& some herbs (cilantro & something else)

gracie's favorite is the aloe vera plant, a plant we've in inside for a year or so.  she learned about the natural healing properties & is always wanting to break off a piece for a new boo-boo, or momma's shingled up face.

& our homemade topsy turvy buckets, decorated by daddio & the kiddos.

no tomato blooms yet, but some beautiful artwork!
 ( i think daddio did the turtle, it looks like his handiwork)

 & a lovely flower (i think by daddio too)
this was done by a kid 

& a pretty little purple flower in an old, old planter.

here's some oldies from gardens past at papaw's. just had to throw those in.

 so proud of their finds from the raised beds!
picking something (but not his nose!)
 i love this picture.  papaw is so happy.  & miss gracie won't share her pepper.
 proud of the peppers she picked!
oh, the sunflowers!
 he looks so small next to them!
 gracie amazed at the wonder of a sunflower with damaw.
 checking things out from a higher viewpoint.

her first year watering the garden at pap's (or the grass).  she was in her momma's old clothes.  poor thing, i like to dress her very vintage i guess. 
big b with the hose & loving it.  there's a picture like that somewhere of me squirting mamaw & papaw when i was little too.  oh, memories...

shucking corn.  i think this will be missed most by gracie.  she can eat her weight in it & pap has always had the bestestest corn in the world!!

that's it for the stroll down garden memory lane.  what a fun time it has always been working out there on sundays. 

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