Saturday, May 14, 2011


two games down, a whole lot to go! 

game #1 - it was a bit tough to watch.  i think the other team was out of our league...
benj up to bat.  daddio coming in to help him out a bit (looking good in his work pants & boots there :) )
running, running! 

in the "dugout" 

miss grace would have rather been anywhere but there.  oh my, how she wore me out!!

game #2 - much better

decorating the field before the game.

 swing, batter batter!!  i don't know if benj should be batting left or right... last year, he was writing left handed.  this year, right.  whatever i guess.

 my favorite team - the green hornets!!! (they chose the name that night because the other team had a name of purple slurple)

 gave it all he had!!  proud of ya, buddy!!!

little miss pretending to be asleep after the game.   

today, another game & momma is secretly hoping for rain....

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