Saturday, May 14, 2011

derby day & momma's day

last weekend, we had the pleasure of driving down to great uncle carroll & aunt charlotte's home in kentucky for a derby party.  it was so nice to see family we don't get to visit with often & meet some new friends too.   (& guess who won the race drawing there ---- me!!)  man, this home has lots & lots of history.  the bricks were all made on site for this beautiful manor.  a kiddo's dream home for hide & seek (we lost ben for a second & i think my heart stopped for a bit). 

this was the first home with electricity in kentucky (i think).  old edison cells. 

the old ice box.  that goes waaay down.  ben got to help be part of the rescue of a groundhog, which he thought was super cool.

climbing up the stairs.  i love her camo boots & my old jeans on her!!

up some more stairs
not so sure about this...

mr. photogenic - can you just not smile for me, stinker??

check out that view!!

hi up there, namaw & ben!!!

daddio & gracie looking out from the attic.

outside steps - for a carriage perhaps??

momma & gracie & a new friend

& then sunday, mother's day, we spent the day at namaw & poppy's.  a fun filled day of playing in the creek, skipping rocks. 

gracie girl, you will always be my baby...

i just love her joy in this picture.  having fun 4 sure!!

ben was hard at work planting flowers for namaw.  

gracie's hand & her latest worm friend.  wormie the fourteenth or so..

the men that cooked the mother's day meal.  mucho good! thanks!

& my mother's day present - a nap & a "new" van!!! toyota - i'm lovin it!!  i couldn't wait to find the perfect sticker for the back of it.  i'm such a dork!  thank you, thank you thank yoU!!!

 & here is the sticker i found from tracy zeller jewelry

(it says God, in case you are like my sweet hubby & couldn't figure it out)

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