Thursday, January 27, 2011

rhyming gone bad..

the other night, ben told daddio he was the lucky one & would get to hold him that night.  i said daddio was a lucky ducky.  well, then it turned into quite a rhyming time.  & you can only imagine what word was said eventually by mr. b (starts with f).  i told him not to say that again, it's a bad word & bad people say it.  he let it slip a time or 2 because "he forgot."

well, the next morning, i guess he had thought about what i said. 
"mom, i thought you said there weren't bad people, only people sometimes do bad things."
got me there.

i told him he was right, but we don't need to say that word anymore.  sometimes my kiddo is much smarter than me.

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