Monday, January 10, 2011

oh baby

yes, i have baby fever.  have since october when we thought we might have a suprise, but the ultrasound tech's prediction 2 weeks later was wrong.  & that was fine.  not god's plan & we weren't prepared at all (we're not now either, but it's nice to think about). 
my little ones are getting so big & beano wants more little brothers & sisters to love.  i remember a lady at a mops meeting saying the best gift you can give your child is a sibling.  being an only child, i do like my quiet alone time, but also love the big, loud family gatherings i have gotten to become a part of on daddio's side. 

well, anyways, yesterday we had to go to the doctor since gracie is sicko againo.  there was a baby in there crying & ben once again asked if we could have more, since he didn't get one for christmas.  i asked him what he wanted to name them.  quickly, he replied "macy & chester."  namaw & poppy's neighbors' dogs.  he said it would be funny for the dogs to come visit when we would say the babie's names.  i suggested 2 names i like & they didn't fly.  if that day ever comes, hopefully he will be in more agreement with a della & a rigby (& daddy too..) 


MelissaChaffin said...

I am sorry to hear Gracie is sick again...and about that baby fever, you can come play with Jude when I'm watching him! It helps me with my baby fever!!

sara said...

oh, that sweet jude. we will take you up on that!!
gracie doesn't have pneumonia at least. just have to do breathing treatments & steroids.