Friday, January 21, 2011

if you wanna ugly paint color just ask me

i am terrible at picking out paint colors - if you were to take a look at our home through the years & now, you'd know that 4 sure.  we had a burgandy/red room that made you cringe when you walked in & the outside of our home has the siding painted a lovely gold (we were shooting for that standard siding color that everyone has nowadays..) 

well, i wanted to suprise daddio with a freshly painted bathroom when he got home (no more pee yellow color that we had on the walls, the previous color i had picked out).  & i didn't want to do the other things i needed to do around the house - purging the home of all the excess, which i am in the process of  - so it's a total mess. 

with the help of the man at home depot,i selected bay breeze from behr, thinking it would give a nice relaxing spa look.  um, no. 

suprise hunny!

now, i'm thinking maybe spring hill, a greenish shade.  we'll see what the home depot guys say today about what can be done... & hopefully i have a better shade for daddio when he gets back from his trip. 

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