Thursday, January 6, 2011

jingle bell rock..

today was the christmas program at preschool.  aunt deedee & paul came to watch their kids in action.   all the kiddos did a fab job, singing & acting out all the songs.  it was way too cute! 

mr. too tall jones was sitting in the front row blocking my view from the 3rd row of ben, so most of his pictures have that man's head or video camera in it.

one of big ben in between the big men.
gracie sang her heart out & knew all the motions.
why her eyes are so red, i don't know.  red eye reduction won't even touch it!!

gracie the kitty

 it was so beautiful to see such a large group of kiddos singing christmas carols to god. 

after the show enjoying cookies!!

i'll have to download some of the show later.  i'm sure the agents will be calling to sign up these rockstars!!

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