Monday, January 24, 2011

rockin the suburbs..

"just like jon bon jovi did." (a little ben folds there).   (you may want to stop the video about 3:50 in case you don't want the big ole f bomb) 

we've been trying to remember all the other fun things around that we like to do besides play the wii for ben.  saturday night he was severely bummed as momma wouldn't let him play (he had played the leapster for hours in the truck that day)..  daddio was flipping through the channels & pbs was showing segments of old ed sullivan shows.  so, it turned into a dance party after a bit. 

ben was having so much fun, we decided to take it to the dance room, aka his bedroom with the disco ball.  we played some of momma & daddio's wedding jams cd & some good ole live jack johnson. 
 the one song was him singing "who do ya love?"

  gracie would respond "mamma!"  everytime.  love it. 

out came the instruments too!  harmonica, guitars, & of course the digaeredoo!

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