Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what daddio did on his summer vacation

after we got back from the beach, daddio went to work on our deck.  that week in july, it was so super hot, but he worked out there every day, getting the job done.  he kept the frame the was built by our neighbor john long ago, but laid down new flooring & steps. the painting was a family affair.    the first color we had chosen was thompson's water seal stain in hawthorn. 

when justin started to paint, it looked a lovely mauve.  almost pink.   not the color we were looking for.  
  so, we took the paint back to the store & got an off the shelf color, russet. 

it looked red, like we had started with.  oh well. i called thompson's & they said the color on the can was just a computer printout & isn't really the color that you get due to new regulations on paint.  my suggestion was to update their cans. 

 we now have a spliter free deck to enjoy sitting out on & watching the stars.

 thanks daddio for your hard work.  (you would have gotten extra points had you hauled away the old wood instead of poor old wifey taking the kids to the landfill & resulting in me getting a tetnus shot from a rusty nail :)  just kidding)

our patio furniture from home depot that i got a great deal on thanks to slickdeals.net.  & homemade decorations on the table by the kiddos. 

my mother's day present from ben that he made in preschool.

the view from the deck.  mr. turtle & whale were having a talk.
now, on to the next projects in the home.  neverending!  but so thankful for the home we have.

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Beth, Brandon and Embry said...

the deck looks great! love the furniture too!