Sunday, September 26, 2010

guess what --- some more soccer!!!

ok, the boys are having fun & learning good sportsmanship which i feel is what it is about at this age.  our record may not be the best, but oh what fun we are having!! i didn't have the heart to tell ben they didn't win last game, he thinks they tied.  that's ok i think.

here he is ready for some action!!

 mr. ben telling someone he's got his eyes on them.  probably daddy in the crowd..

 going for the ball

a fun game saturday, the team has fun & is getting the hang of it.  daddio has been practicing with benj & i think it is helping his confidence & skills...

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a {girl} in a {gorilla} suit said...

Hi, Sara!

I am so glad you left a comment on my blog(and follow it too!). Thank you so much. Now I can follow your blog and SUPER cute family, too!

Tootles! :)