Sunday, September 12, 2010


2 games this week & oh what fun! 

thursday's game:  they rocked it.
 i get a kick out of ben when his team scores.  check out his enthusiasm!

& another goal!

what's he thinking here????
& guess who made it up to the game - namaw & poppy!!

saturday - our third game
the boys weren't quite with it or something.  but, it looked liked they were having fun.  thank goodness our coaches have mega patience!

cheering for their teammate scoring a goal.

sittin on damaw's lap pouting, because momma wouldn't give her a cupcake early.  poor thang.
thumbs up!  ready to kick that ball!

& kick!

now, the part the boys were waiting for.... giving their coaches some handmade cards & some cupcakes & popsicles after the game for their bdays! 

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