Wednesday, September 1, 2010

galaxy's first game

big ben had his first game & his team did a great job!  i must say i am very proud of his team's sportsmanship & the coaches' work they have done with the boys in such a short time.  orange team though, needs some niceness lessons.  they were spitting at the blue team & prior to the game one was kicking another boy till he cried (i didn't see this, daddio told me about it afterward).  boys may be boys, but that's not cool.

here he is kicking the ball into the field. 

a little more action for ya
making sure momma's watching!

gracie either stretching or "cheering" for bem.  she'd yell loudly "go bem!"  when we were home, he told her she needed to cheer for the whole team, not just him.  that way, all his team would get excited. 
what a team player he is!

some more game shots

& yet some more.  ben's shoes fell off 3 or 4 times.  for some reason, momma can't tie shoes.  this has now been officially designated to be daddio's job.

check out blue teams' excitement after scoring a goal.  love it!

he had fun, which is what matters & did an awesome job.  i'm one proud momma of him!  go galaxy!!!

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