Tuesday, November 3, 2009

with a little help

i tackled the rest of the leaves yesterday with the help of a neighbor & 2 kiddos. & gracie tackled a fear with the help of her big brother.

the kiddos were a big help with the yard & neighbor john brought out his leaf mower/vacuum and helped. i had to show a picture of that thing because it is so frickin cool. he did our side yard next to him & the area he did looks like we used a dyson on it, no debris in sight. he's a great neighbor to have; he has all the cool toys!

gracie has been afraid to go down the slide of our play gym. you can see her feet (with no shoes on, i know - bad mom) at the top of the slide as ben lands into the big pile of leaves.

with her brother behind her, she took the plunge.

& loved it!

check out ben's new do. he said he was finally ready for a haircut. his mommma thinks he's as handsome as ever!

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