Sunday, November 1, 2009

why did the chicken cross the road??

uh, duh.. to get some halloween candy!

the other night gracie & i were looking at some of my favorite blogs & she fell in love with this little guy's chick costume.
"me bock bock" she'd say.
"no, you're a choo-choo train." i'd say.
this went on till there were tears from her.
so, me having no backbone, saturday morning, we went on a search for a clearanced chicken outfit.

thank goodness for toysrus! they had one on clearance & some free goodies for halloween. she was thrilled!

& she makes a mighty cute chick i think.

the chick head didn't last long, because people would say "oh what a cute chicken."
she said,"no, me gracie!" she wanted everyone to know who she was for sure.

we visited neighbor john first & then hit the road to lori & randy's home for their annual halloween party (& their neighborhood rocks on halloween). not just candy- but hotdogs, music, hot chocolate & lots of spooks!

ben, thank goodness was still happy to be a t-rex. his costume zipper broke, so he was being held together with safety pins. he didn't mind. darby was a warrior cat & looked cute & ferocious at the same time. daddio was a dinosaur as well (check out his dollar tree hat, what a sport) & i was a butterfly (thanks for the wings, melissa!)

trick or treating was such fun. the bigger kids were leading the way & my little chick was running as fast as she could behind them. too cute.

when we got back to lori & randy's, the kiddos barely made it into the door before they dumped out their loot.

i think the kiddos had just as much fun handing out candy as they did receiving. here is ben singing "come & get your candy at lori & randy's!!" check out his dino belly hanging out.

gracie & momma handing out the goodies.

t-rex ready to ravage the bowl of candy.

hope everyone had a spooktastic halloween! now what to do with all this candy????
p.s.happy birthday, brad!


Aimee said...

How could you say no to "me bock bock"? Adorable.

Angie said...

sara, your kids are adorable!