Monday, November 2, 2009


we spent last sunday at papaw's cracking walnuts & picking them out of their shell. we all had a turn sitting on the bucket, cracking the shells on the anvil.

miss gracie was quite the little walnut picker outer with her little screwdriver.

quite a bit of work, but we all had fun sitting around, working & talking.

all pap could talk about was walnut cookies & how delicious they are. so, me being the great granddaughter i am said we would.
monday (the next day) when we went to chemo, he asked if i made them yet. no.

finally, thursday night me & the kiddos went to work. i used this recipe here. pap advised the walnuts were a bit green, so i should cook them first. i microwaved them a bit to do the job.

into the oven they went & i couldn't wait to taste our results.... the flavor was wonderful but they were crunchy- not just a little, but break your tooth kinda crunchy. we took them up to pap's anyways with a warning to be careful.

yesterday, i noticed the big bag of cookies still sitting there. i asked him what was up with that. he told me i left the shells on. apparently, there are are supposed to pick shells out of the already shelled walnuts. waay to much work for me. i will stick with the cookies in the tube for now.

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